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 Eastern Drilling Services specialize in a wide variety of Hydrovac services from excavation to cleaning. We will do our best to meet your needs wherever your project might be. We are confident that Eastern Drilling Services can exceed your Hydrovac expectations and help your project go smoothly.


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Hydrovac Technology and Equipment

Hydrovac is short for hydro excavation which uses a stream of high-pressure water combined with a high volume vacuum system to remove material from the excavation site to the debris tank. This allows for a safer, non-destructive way to excavate soil and expose and excavate around buried utilities such as gas mains, power lines or fiber optic cable without risking damage to the infrastructure. The second advantage is higher precision and less restoration compared to manual digging, you need far less manpower, therefore making it a cost-effective solution.

Hydrovac is useful for cleaning as well as excavation and is one of the most environmentally friendly ways for excavation.

Hydrovac is generally twice as fast compared to traditional mechanical excavators for more efficiency. A large variety of companies are able to use hydrovac services to their benefit including telecommunications, utility providers, construction and more.

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Cost Efficient Methods

Eastern Drilling Services offers Hydro excavation, a fast non-mechanical soil removing process. It uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum to remove the soil. This process can be used to remove different types of materials such as ice, soil, clay, and sand. Hydro excavation causes minimal damage to the underground structures as opposed to mechanical excavation. It is faster than other traditional digging methods, thus your project will take fewer days to complete.

Advantages of using Hydrovac methods include:

Traditional mechanical excavation using heavy machinery such as an excavator poses several safety risks. One such risk is the potential for damage to underground utilities. Not only this, but there can be extra costs associated with more laborers. Alternatively, hydro excavation reduces these risks and saves costs. The nature of the hydro excavation process reduces the number of laborers (in most cases), provides accuracy when digging an area and reduced the chance of cracking below ground utilities such as gas lines.

Examples where Hydrovac can be used;
(Culvert and Manhole Cleaning, Daylighting/Line locating, Hydrovac Excavation, Slot Trenching, Shoring, etc.)