We are a Directional Drilling Contractor

Directional Drilling Expertise

Eastern Drilling Services is an expert in directional drilling, an environmentally sensitive method of laying utility infrastructure underground. Trenchless technology minimizes CO2 output and streamlines a project to reduce the environmental impact.
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Top of the Line Technology and Equipment

Eastern Drilling Services owns and operates some of the finest in trenchless technology and directional drilling equipment; this is a high-performance piece of machinery fully equipped with sound reduction technology, vast ‘rod options’ for adjusting the well length and width, and ‘quick cycling’ times to ensure precision drilling.

These directional drilling machines are accurate in boring direction-specific paths underground and placing piping for utility infrastructure. This reduces any interruptions to the day to day functioning of society. Eastern Drilling Services brings their expertise of horizontal drilling and directional drilling expertise to a project, ensuring efficient completion.

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Cost Efficient Methods

Eastern Drilling Services offers an underground trenchless boring service known as horizontal directional drilling (HDD).
HDD is used for the underground placement of utility and gas lines, electrical, fibre and communications conduits and cables, water lines, sewer pipes and other similar installations.

Advantages of using HDD installation methods include:

– ability to drill below existing surface obstructions or ongoing site operations
– ability to change direction of bore to drill over, under or around existing buried utilities or obstacles
– faster and less labour intensive installations
– low impact on existing ground conditions – greatly reduced soil disturbance, protect ecosystem and adjacent areas
– limited landscape and traffic disruption
– can be used where open-cut trenching is impossible or undesirable
– product to be buried is pulled through bore hole with the drilling equipment

Examples where HDD can be used;
(under roads, streets, parks, runways, golf courses, sub-divisions, waterways, back yards, town or city utilities, etc.)